Introducing The Kool Auntie

Hey girl, hey!

After over 20 years in Corporate America, I have finally decided to branch out and do my own thing. I truly believe that whatever it is that brings you joy, and what you can’t stop thinking about… it is what you are supposed to do. It is your gift to the Universe. For me, that meant to continue to connect with woman on a deeper level than what is allowed while under the corporate umbrella.

In all the years that I punched someone else’s clock, I found that what I loved most was the young ladies that I was able to wrap my arms around (both literally and figuratively). After forging a relationship based on trust and confidentially, those young woman and I have stayed connected over the years. I have watch them grow, have children, get married, change careers and yes, sometimes fail. During those times we have laughed and cried. We have cheered and at times cursed and screamed. We have been proud and been mad as hell. But, we have done it together!

I have been affectionately called many names over the years ranging from “Sis” to “Mama Bear” but my favorite of all is, “The Kool Auntie”

I am that Auntie that you can ask anything, talk about anything, and get a perspective from a woman who has done a lot and seen even more. You are getting the ear of a woman of color who is a wife, mother, sister-friend and confidant. A woman of color who has a professional background and who knows how to get a seat at the table and also knows how to navigate it once you get there. You are getting a woman who has been broke and broken. Who was lost and now is found. She has found her peace, her joy and happiness. A woman of color who GETS IT!

So, here I am. Willing, able, professionally certified and uniquely positioned to support you.

You will find this blog offers complete honesty and transparency without judgement. I have not only walked a mile in your shoes but I have walked a few country miles without shoes.

So, lets chat!