What is a “Life Coach”and do I need one?

Over the years I have coached more people than I can count.

(tips hat and takes a bow)

I have coached people to help them get to their next level professionally.  I have coached to help people find their perfect career.  I have coached people on how to have difficult conversations and I have coached leaders to become better leaders.

During my confidential coaching sessions, those conversation often took a personal turn and we ended up working through topics surrounding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

You all know that coaching was the best part of my corporate career and that’s why I am where I am today.                                                     (Thanking God for vision and clarity on my purpose)

I spent decades coaching under the corporate umbrella, but when I decided to venture out on my own in my private coaching practice, I knew immediately that I did not want to be one of those people who woke up on a random day proclaiming , “I’m a coach” , “I’m a Business Coach” , “ I’m a Relationship Coach” or my personal favorite,  “I’m a whatever it is you need, I gotchu (kinda) Coach”


I’m kidding, kind of

Basically, some “Coaches” just want to tell you want to do and give you their opinions whether its grounded in expertise or not.

FYI true coaching is NOT advice


As I Coach it was important for me to get a certification and to get those letters behind my name.  So, unlike some “Coaches” I pursued a master certificate in coaching and graduated after more than a year of study from one of the most prestigious coaching schools in the world.

Shout out to IPEC!!

ipec logo


Now let’s be clear, I am not shitting on anyone’s game and I’m sure there are some people out there who are excellent coaches.  I know a few coaches who aren’t necessarily “certified” but who have made some real connections and a real impact in people’s lives.  I wanted to be certified.

Initially, I thought that I was going to coach at a corporate level.  What I knew for sure was that if I ever hired anyone, when I was in corporate, that person had to be credential and certified.

And, even though I have coached for over two decades, there was still room to learn and grow.  So yes, I take pride in the fact that I am certified and that I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Not all “coaches” can say that.

The ICF only offers membership to those who have graduated from an accredited coaching school.

Again, even though the coaching industry is not yet regulated, credential matter.


So what is coaching anyway?  Many compare coaching to therapy but it really is not the same.

Where therapy will look at where you are today, it  often takes a close look at how you got there. Therapy will look at what has made you who you are. (my explanation in layman’s terms)

Coaching however, looks at where you are today and focuses on where you would like to go.  As a Coach I may dabble in the past, after all, your past may be the reason why you are having issues moving forward, but ultimately, we are working together to help you reach your goals.

Is coaching for me?

Click on the link below and take the quiz

ELC- Is Coaching for you

From time to time you will find a Coach who can ” do anything” and yes, because I am a certified in using the core energy coaching method, I could technically coach anyone on anything.  But it was important for me to dig my heals in and pick my area of expertise. I had to find my niche.  I had to remove the fear that I would be missing out (FOMO) if I didn’t offer to coach everyone.  Instead, I buried my head into the books and anything else that would help me be the subject matter expert in my specific niche.

What is my Niche?

About 70% of my clients are Women. Mostly women of color. Women who are ready to reclaim the life they were born to live.  This can encompass entrepreneurism, self-care, relationships, career, etc.  Many are between the ages of 25- 55.care-caregiver-deal-45842

They don’t call me the Kool Auntie for nothing

20% of my client base is in the corporate world.  We focus on leadership and personal development.unnamed[3]

Lastly, 10% percent of my clients are couples who are looking to strive and revive their relationships.blur-close-up-view-couple-1667849



Once a person decides that coaching is for them, the next logical question should be “How do I find a Coach?”

There are several websites and to help you locate a coach.  The ICFs website can be a great tool for you to use.  The most important part, in my opinion, (besides credentials) is to find a Coach that you mesh with on a personal level.  The two of you must be able to build a rapport and openly communicate with each other.  You must have a level of comfortability that allows you to be open and honest. You must always feel safe and protected

When I meet a potential client, our initial conversation is what I refer to as a “discovery session”.  In this session we get to know each other to make sure we are a good fit.

I don’t personally believe in coaching everyone.  I would be doing the client and myself a disservice id we weren’t a good fit but I attempted to coach them anyway.   If for some reason the client and I are not a good fit, I will recommend another coach.

The beauty of being a member of the ICF is not just the credentials and the strict code of ethics that I vow to follow , but also, I have a rolodex of specialty coaches at my fingertips who are certified and  subject matter experts in their field ( EX. Grief, Elderly, Mental illness, Divorce, Trauma, Parenting… you name it )

Today’s blog entry was not intended to be a commercial for me, my company, or for coaching as a profession.  The intentional was to answer the questions that I get repeatedly.  “What is coaching? Is coaching for me?” and “How do I find a Coach?”.

So, if you have taken the quiz and you  are you ready for a Coach to support you as you move to your next level and if you are ready to reach your personal goals and pursue your dreams, or you just need help to get “unstuck”, check out my website and contact me.

Elan Life Coaching

If I’m not the right coach for you, I promise to lead you  in the right direction.

Tara E. Godby CPC, ELI-MP

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