Self Awareness

I am so excited to bring to you another episode of my up and coming podcast series. I am going multi-hyphenated y’all.  (grins proudly)

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Yes, I am doing it all

This week we talked about a lot of things, but the overarching theme was about being self-aware.

As an adult, I believe it is particularly important to be self-aware. As you get older and as you grow, you should be taking stock of what you can and cannot tolerate…. What are your triggers?   … and become uber aware of your limits.

As an adult, it is up to you to live your best life. I have heard people say

” if you are over the age of 25 you have no business being unhappy”

What I believe is meant is that, by the age of 25 you have to ability to change your circumstance.

-not happy with your job? Get a new job.

-Bad relationship? move on?

-Want to move to a new city? GO

-Friendship? Yup, those too

Check out the podcast attached. We will explore the importance of being self-aware as well as how to make sure you are surrounding yourself with the people who will help you grow

(and much more)

TODAY’S WINE: Moscato D’Asti by Alberto Conti

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Becoming by Michelle Obama

BOOK GIVEAWAY: The ME Journal by Shane Windham

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