Howdy Texas! I’m new here, how can I be of service?

I moved to Teas over 6 years ago but I am just now feeling like an official Texan.

Austin is such a transient city that you hardly ever meet anyone who was born and raised here. As they say here in Texas…

” I’m not from here but I got here as soon as I could”

My first few years in Texas , I was stuck in a corporate office and I worked way too many hours. I was never able to embrace the city or the people. Entrepreneurship has afforded many luxuries, the main one is the networking and ability to connect with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the time or bandwidth to meet. And the ability to enjoy Austin fro the amazing city it is.

So, how do I know I’m a Texan? I LOVE BLUE BONNET SEASON!!! Yes, that is a Texas thing for sure sure.

Never had I thought that I would be waiting with baited breath for the bluebonnets to blossom, but here I am. I cant even explain the excitement I felt when I saw a few blooming the other day.

So YUP, I’m a Texan.

Its kind of weird to say that out loud because I have lived in five different stated in the last 25 years. I have lived in NY, PA, AZ, MD and now I call TX home and I have no intention on leaving.

I was a ” corporate brat” I moved wherever the job and promotion took me. But YEEHAW… I’m here to stay.

As a Texan ( I pay taxes and I own my home so don’t argue with me). Not only do I love blue bonnets but I am also driven to give back to the city and the community. One of Elan Life Coaching and The Kool Auntie’s core values is philanthropy. I am passionate and happy to partner with organizations like (domestic violence) and (mental health)

Our vision
A just and safe community free from violence and abuse.
Our mission
To stop abuse for everyone. 
NAMI provides advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.

The Kool Auntie Podcast

On THE KOOL AUNTIE podcast this week, I talked about two of the organization that I have partnered with and how being connected with them not only fills my heart and spirit but it also makes me feel like I am truly making a difference.

Howdy Texas! I’m new here, how can I be of service?
  • Book recommendation: I AM NOT SICK I Don’t Need Help by Xavier Amador, Ph.D
  • Leisure reading and Self Care: OWN YOUR GLOW by Latham Thomas
  • Wine of the Day: Stella Rosa Peach (I added some frozen peaches yummmm)

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