What if there is a positive to COVID-19?

We are all swamped with information on the Corona Virus. Everyday we learn something new. Like many of you, I have become a news junkie. Its overwhelming. But then, I had a mind shift.

Over the last few years (maybe decade) I have tried to be more optimistic, which led me to thinking…

What if there is a positive to the Corona Virus aka COVID-19

Sounds crazy huh? Just hear me out…

What if in this time that we are all practicing the art of self-quarantine or as we are practicing social distancing … What if this gives us an opportunity to to stop, regroup and reevaluate???

It is no secret that, Americans, in particular ,over indulge. We over spend, compare ourselves to other people through social media, we are over worked, and we lack the time and energy to build real relationships. Some of us unintentionally (or intentionally) disconnect from the things that are supposed to truly matter.

Is it possible that God/Source/Universe (whatever you call your high power), is giving us an opportunity to sit back and breathe both figuratively and literally.

What if we use this time to reevaluate our lives and how we spend our time. In this season, we can take a pause.

There is little to no frivolous spending, we are spending more time with family, we are enjoying our homes, spending time with our kids ,enjoying some much needed quality time and some of us are even working on our “to-do” list that has gotten too damn long

I think we can all agree that once we are out of this crisis, life will never be the same. I am willing to bet that everyone will have a new outlook on life and on what truly matters.

Do you remember 9/11? Do you remember the sense of community that we as American had after that tragic event? That event and the days, months and years to follow, brought us together. Some people made profound changes in life…

What if this crisis changes people, your community and America as a country better for the future and for future generations?

COVID-19 aka The Corona Virus is serious stuff. Some of us may take it more serious than others, but as we continue to digest our “new normal”, I encourage to take time to consider the possibilities and to focus on what some of the outcomes can be

  • YES educate yourselves
  • YES, learn all that you can
  • YES, social distance
  • YES, if you have symptoms GET TESTED
  • YES, protect your energy
  • YES, become a better neighbor, parent, friend
  • YES, GROW!

we will all be better for it on the other side

In this weeks podcast, I touch on the possibilities of the positive side of COVID-19 .

What if there is a positive to COVID-19?

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