The Kool Auntie is DAMN NEAR 50

I have always been told that I look good for my age. When I was 30, they thought I was 20. When I was 40, they thought I was 30.When someone told me how young I looked, I would always respond “ If you think I look good now, imagine me at 50” well, holy shit, I will be 50 in 10 months and I’M NOT READY

I have work to do! I am on a weight loss journey, a health journey , an empty nesters journey, 2nd marriage journey… you name it

Let the journey begin

I wanted to be a DIVA at age 50.

I wanted to be a stylish, jet setting chick, with more money that I had time (or is it more time than I have money?) either way… I’ve got work to do I am DAMN NEAR 50. I’m on a journey.

Because there is safety in numbers, I’m asking YOU to come along

I am going to give it to your RAW and UNFILTERED. No makeup, no preparation, NADA

There will be times that I just turn on my camera and share my thoughts. Who knows what you’ll see.

One thing is for sure YOU’LL SEE ME!

Follow me on my journey and witness the good bad and the ugly

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