I exchanged my “Golden Handcuffs” for healing stones

Over the past year and last few months, I have been in transition.  I have been on a journey of growth and healing.  My journey is not complete, but I remain thankful.  I find comfort in knowing that I am on the right path (for me)20190903_205650

Leaving Corporate America was one of the hardest things I had ever done.  Afterall, I had been working for over 30 years.  I had reached an acceptable level of success.  I was able to live a comfortable lifestyle from a financial perspective, and I was able to take care of my children’s needs (and some of their wants).

Reflecting on the days when I worked for big business, I reminisce over all those “things” that I was afforded.  Things that many people dream of.

Having a salaried position with benefits gave me a false sense of comfort.  I was satisfyingly stagnant.  I remember what it was like to NOT have a salaried position or even a position that paid enough to make ends meet.  After my divorce and being a single mother, I lived in a situation where I didn’t know how I was going to take care of my children.  I lived in situations where living paycheck to paycheck was a way of life.  So I need to work in Corporate America, right?

Over the years, I worked very hard to grow in my positions.  I held leadership roles and received numerous promotions and accolades.  I thought (at the time) that this is where I was supposed to thrive.  This is where I was supposed to be.

I had on the “Gold Handcuffs”!

What are the Golden handcuffs?  The golden handcuffs are on you when you are locked down on a job.  You won’t leave because the restraints, even though restricting and painful, are so bittersweet.  The sweetness of a salaried position, 401k, stock options, paid time off… the list goes on.

Because I have experienced what it is like to NOT have those things, how could I EVER consider giving them up?  I must be wacky! Right?  At least that is what I was told time and time again.

It took years (decades) to realize that the golden handcuffs, even though very sweet, was not enough.  I was increasingly unhappy, and I dreaded going into the office every day.  I had some of the things that people work their whole lives for, yet, I was unhappy.  Unhappy to the point of resentment and anger.

” Your salary is the bribe they pay you to forget your dreams”

– Unknown 

An excerpt from a coaching session with a client

“…  companies pay you to let go of your dreams and that is exactly what happened to me.  For so long I chased the salary, and it never was enough.  What I know now is that I was trying to grow monetarily.  What I needed to do was to grow spiritually.  You will NEVER have enough if you don’t find peace and happiness.   If you make $50K, you’ll start to think , if only I made $75K.  Once you make $75K you’ll think if only I made $100K, if I made $100K, your next step is i$125K… this goes on and on and on. What I know for sure is that money and perks do not buy happiness…” – Tara E Godby CPC, ELI-MP

I had to go!

I received a lot of “feedback” about my leaving such a lucrative career.  Let’s just say that not everyone thought it was a good idea.   Some of my closest friends and family members believed that I had reached levels that many people dreamed of.


Admittedly, I was scared.  I didn’t know what the future held and I had/have (still working through) so many limiting beliefs that told me I needed a salaried positions.  I needed stability. I needed a guaranteed paycheck.

How many of you know that the paycheck is NOT guaranteed?  

Somehow, I still had that limiting belief.  Even after being laid off  twice,  I still believed. Somewhere, deep down, I believed that I HAD to stay in that career. But even deeper, I knew I have to break out of those handcuffs so that I could breathe and live in my purpose and truth.

February 2018, I broke free

I am still healing from working for someone else.  I often share parts of my story not to tell anybody that they should leave their jobs but to share my experiences, both good and bad.

Breaking free certainly did not equal worry-free.  Breaking free came with a lot of anxiety, fear, and small bouts of sadness.  The oddest part of all those emotions is that they were coupled with the feelings of being free and being the happiest I had ever been in my adult life.

After several months of meditation, centering, grounding, and trying to find balance, I decided to do some research on healing crystal and stones.  I heard so much about them and how they have helped so many people.  Admittedly, I was curious.

It wasn’t long before I found an incredible store in Austin TX ,  NATURE’S TREASURES. The store and staff were extremely knowledgeable.  I was able to share my story my fears and my hopes.  They recommended crystal and stones ranging from Amethyst (intuition and guidance) to Jasper (Manifestation and Stability).  From Selenite (protection against negativity) to Tigers Eye (Self-worth and Self-esteem).  The list goes on.

I later bought a book CRYSTALS for BEGINNERS by Karen Frazier.Crystals for Beginers

I wear my bracelets on a daily basis and I have my stones strategically place on my desk.

.20190903_205730     20190903_205917

While the journey has just begun, I am optimistic and excited about the possibilities.

As I pray, meditate and manifest… I will keep you posted on the progress.









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